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  • Bacon goes Boo


    Bacon goes BOO is an imaginative story about one little pig's love of Halloween and his outrageous search for his MOST favorite costume - the one that goes BOO.

  • The Huckabirds Learn about Self-Worth


    The foundation of a child’s sense of self worth is built during the early years of life. As parents and caretakers, our investments in this early developing sense of worth will be potentially the most enduring gift we may give to a child – or, ...

  • Faith and the Forest


    Faith is not happy when her mother tells her to go outside and play. But suddenly an owl swoops by and Faith is on an adventure to find it! But soon Faith remembers about her mother’s warning to not wander too far and realizes that she's lost! To ...

  • Day Cat, Night Cat


    Day Cat Night Cat is the engaging "tail" of a young boy called Hayden who lives with a single mother on the edge of the city. He has two fantastical companions. When the sun is up, the day cat visits him and they play wild games together. Then, when ...

  • Squire With Fire

    A Happy Dragon Tale by

    Here is a delightful Medieval adventure, a story lovingly told within a story. In a dynamic unfolding, Grandpa delights seven-year-old Mac with tales about the brave squires and knights who populated their family history, including the famous knight ...

  • Yip Yip


    For her fifth birthday, Patty got the best present ever. He was tiny, scared, and very quiet. Patty named him Peanut. Peanut is the smallest and quietest puppy ever. He is so quiet that Patty puts him in a purse and takes him everywhere she goes. ...

  • The Cracks In The Sidewalk

    Poems For Kids by

    The cracks in the sidewalk that go on forever Are crazy and crumbling and snaking together. The Canadian tradition of illustrated children’s humorous poetry collections begins with Dennis Lee’s Alligator Pie. To that tradition is added this latest ...

  • No! Mommy Said


    Maylea is a joyful, curious toddler soaking up everthing she is learning like a sponge. But the word NO! seems to be the main word she is learning and hears everyday. While exploring her world Maylea learns the word No! is not a mean word but a word ...

  • Ian and Igor

    Inquisitive Island Iguanas by

    Ian is a very inquisitive iguana. And he’s hungry! So, Ian and his brother, Igor, decide to set out in search of a nutritious lunch. Do you know what iguanas eat? Curious about all the tasty treats paradise has to offer, Ian scampers up a palm ...

  • Come Count With Happy Campers!


    This cheerful rhyming children’s book tells the story of a cute family, who gather together with other campers at a local campground to enjoy a fun-filled day by the shore. A very engaging and thought-provoking tale that starts sometime around late ...