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Nature poetry, Poetic thoughts, Gratitude, Wilderness, Creation, Nature, Poetry

As We Are Creation
by Dana Barrette

Like a gentle rain falling on parched earth, this is poetry to nourish the soul. As We Are Creation brings together reflections on the natural world and our inner reality to reveal the spiritual essence of existence. As Barrette relates in “Your Gift,”

Truth, in its pure form, a quiet lesson brought

In opening a heart to gratitude, the message given—

Creation’s gift

The poetry in this collection discovers pure truth in the energetic ebb and flow of life; in the flowing quality of sunlight; in the cracks of strong tree bark and the hues of a fluttering dragonfly. Written from a place of complete gratitude and reverence towards Creation, Barrette’s poems encourage us to be present, to be curious, to wonder: to celebrate the world around and within us, and to understand ourselves as part of Creation’s plan.

Dana Barrette’s poetry is inspired by daily walks and meditation that attune her to the presence of Creation. As We Are Creation follows her first book of poetry, Our Words, published in 2020 by FriesenPress. She lives in Toronto, Canada with her spouse and two children.


Dana Barrette

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