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Target Audience:
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friendship, help, fire fighters, park, play, trust, sticky situations

The Adventures of MarshMello & Friends
The Rescue
by Sheri Parent Ellul

MarshMello loves to have fun, explore, and try new things—like going to the park. You’ll know he’s having a great time when he yells “Ta da!” He always has fun with his best friends, Graham and Choco, along for the adventure.

A trip to the park starts out fun for the three best friends, but before long, they find themselves in a sticky situation. “Ta da,” turns into, “Oh no!” But MarshMello isn’t scared. He knows that he needs help, and his best friends won’t let him down. But will his friends and the firemen be able to rescue MarshMello in time?

This delightful story shows young readers how to be their true selves and what friendships really mean. MarshMello knows there’s no shame in being different, and he’s not afraid to ask for help when the going gets sticky!

Sheri Parent Ellul is also the author of My Friend Holly Has a Farm, Into the Woods We Go, and The Magic Garbage Truck, which will be part of this series in the near future. Along with many more adventures to come for dear sweet MarshMello and his friends.

For many years Sheri wrote poems, kept journals and continues to do so. After her daughter Holly was born, Sheri always made up stories to entertain and amuse her. Now that Sheri’s a grandmother, she tells new stories to her grandkids, and those stories inspire her books.

Sheri lives with her husband Tim and their beagle, Snoopy. She is a loving mother and grandmother to a large family including her daughter Holly, son-in-law Larry, her stepson Nick, her stepdaughter Michelle and her husband Wayne, and their two kids, Carmello and Daelin.


Sheri Parent Ellul
Paul Schultz

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