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Inspirational Memoir, Inspirational Story, Wellbeing Motivation, Missionary Memoir, Kenya Missionary, Faith-based Memoir, Community-development

"Look Out World, Here I Come!"
by M. Alexis Morgan

"Hot, sweaty, dirty, sore, and irritated, I began my solo journey to the other side of the planet."

Alexis Morgan was realizing a lifelong dream: to go beyond her relatively easy North American lifestyle and extend a hand to those less fortunate than herself. Look Out World, Here I Come! is a gut-wrenching, heart-warming, and oftentimes hilarious compilation of the journals Alexis wrote during the years she and her husband lived and worked in Kenya as part of a Christian humanitarian agency.

Weaving together actual-time stories of Alexis’s work and personal life, the reflections are real, raw, relatable, and poignant. As a wife and mother of three teenage/young-adult boys, Alexis shares some of her struggles in "letting go" and empowering her kids to become independent in a surprisingly similar way to the work she was striving to do with impoverished communities.

Within these pages, readers will find inspiration and encouragement through her reflections on:

• what it is like to live in a developing country as a Westerner,

• the amazing strength and resilience of people when faced with extreme poverty,

• the importance of gratitude for all that we have, including the riches of a loving family and community,

• the key role of empowerment in fostering the development of individuals and communities

• the relevance and significance of Scripture for working through real life issues.

Join Alexis for a deeper understanding of the importance of family, home, community, love, strength, hope, perseverance and faith when facing and overcoming life's challenges.

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M. Alexis Morgan was drawn to humanitarian mission work around the age of thirteen when she learned about the appalling living conditions of people in other parts of the world, through watching tv infomercials for overseas relief agencies. She could hardly believe that this was happening on the same planet on which she was living. She knew she had to do something to help relieve poverty overseas: at thirteen, her weekly allowance sponsored a child; in her last year of secondary school, pursuing a career in nursing was her next step towards one day working abroad.

Two decades later, Alexis brought her experience as a Community Health Nurse in Canada to working in Kenya in the field of Community Development.

Presently, Alexis resides in Prince George, BC with her spouse, Wayne Morgan. There, she enjoys time spent with family and friends, and inspiring her students in her new career as a music and art teacher.


M. Alexis Morgan

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