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Dark web, Casting spells, Spell book, Demons, Crime noir, Fantasy

Preternatural Pulp
by Babak Eslami

Talon Maximus is deprived of his father and faced with the horror of having his girlfriend Denise taken by Dark Web mob boss Megalodon. All because of a book Talon owns, a book of unnatural power. Where wishes can come true... for the right sacrifice. With no one to help him and nothing left to loose, Talon summons the guardian of the book to aid him in his quest against Megalodon and rescue Denise.

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Babak (Bob) Eslami is a fiction author who has written works in many different genres before. He started gaining an interest in creative writing during his time at Carleton University, and after graduation started his novel career. His first crime novel, Preternatural Pulp contains fantasy elements much like his past works, blended within a grounded realistic story that takes place in the present world. Creative stories are his passion and his creative mind is a gift he wishes to share with the world. Babak feels his main purpose in life is to entertain people and help thrive the literary community with the power of books and compelling tales.


Babak Eslami

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