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  • Key to Phodite's Temple

    Etherio's Threat by

    Some say that traumatic experiences either break you or make you stronger. After witnessing the violent murders of their mothers, Roy and Lyle, two seventeen-year-old, naïve best friends are living proof that adage is true. When these young field ...

  • The Crown of Fire


    Twenty-two thousand years before the present day, a young gold-dragon was born, a queen with enough courage and ambition to change her world forever. All she has known, all anyone has known for years has been war. Since the time dragons crawled on ...

  • Path of the Raven

    Recurrence Vol I by

    They only know him as Wravien. He has summoned each of them—Valex the dragonborn slave, Vel the human orphan, and Kaylessa the elvish sage—for some unknown purpose, seeming to have all the answers to their problems. He pays them generously, offers ...

  • The Tales Of Rithanon


    With friends gathered around, the travelling minstrel Valdevo Baudelaire shares some of his most adventurous tales, tales of gallantry, great courage, strife, and woe, of tricks and mischief, heroes and villains, and light and darkness. Dragons, ...

  • Sit-a-Spell


    Captain David Cronwell and his unique crew of misfits tackle adventure and fun while delivering pot throughout the galaxy. The story follows them as they try to stay one step ahead of a bounty hunter; all the while trying to stay on schedule. Fun ...

  • The Sundial Inn


    On a return flight from a dream vacation at the Sundial Inn located in the outskirts of New Orleans, Tim and Sara find themselves covered in bruises with no memory of the past three days. The mystery deepens once they learn the inn had ceased ...

  • The Bindings of Woe


    The world of Gaia is in turmoil. Humans, goblins, and dwarves try to live their lives as best they can under the rule of the sovereigns—the strange and powerful race whose empire stretches to all corners of the known world—but order and stability ...

  • Sins Of Eight: The Ballad of Lamia


    The saga continues. The crimson scourge has declared annexation, cementing its control upon the world. The Dragon will soon deliver the epoch of Funus. Will you brave The Ballad of Lamia?

  • Lazantis Rising

    World Leaders, Benevolent Aliens by

    Ushaya Landau, sixty-four and recently retired from Trends & Styles magazine company, is looking forward to finally having time to visit her kids, see friends, and relish her gardens...until she is visited by a host of alien titans from the world of ...

  • Cats of Katlyn

    The Tale of Tailey by

    Tailey came from the humblest of beginnings. His life had begun as a stray barn cat, and though he was now the beloved companion and protector of a young, deaf girl named Megan, he still had no idea of how far afield his destiny would soon take him, ...