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  • Æsa


    In 1783 Mount Laki erupted, leaving Iceland in famine. Thee sirens surfaced to help man, forming a bond between them. Árelía and Prince Eiríkur joined together to keep peace among the two species, and peace was kept until greed and gluttony consumed ...

  • The Battle for Arisha's Mountain

    Book 1 of The Damned Goddess Trilogy by

    The Battle for Arisha’s Mountain: Book I of The Damned Goddess Trilogy is the first book in the Final Age of Magic Series. This fantasy epic introduces readers to the Final Age of Magic universe by taking them to the Avian Kingdom, one of many ...

  • Father of the Witchborn

    The Secret Histories of the Lopari Vol. 1 by

    I didn’t write this for you. I simply grew tired of your poxy tongue scratched legends. I grew tired of how you snivel and abase yourselves for a Father who abandoned us long ago. You mistake stone for safety, fire for warmth, and hope for wings, ...

  • Voidoxity

    The Eternal King by

    In a world where the roles of Light and Darkness had shifted, there were two powerful individuals chosen by the Old Divines . . . They were given the titles of Ascension and Chaos as recognition of their ferocious might. A millennia after his wife ...

  • The Demon of Chaos


    Shawn Laveau, a seasoned detective in the NYPD, is not prepared for the evil awaiting him during a stakeout in an affluent region of the city; when a syringe-wielding doctor murders his comrade and then evades arrest, Shawn is left disoriented and ...

  • Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit


    Ten-year-old Lily Nelson lives with her mother, sister, and the wellspring of her hatred: her father, Henry. Since Henry returned to their lives after an unexplained eight-year absence, the family has been uprooted, both physically and emotionally, ...

  • The Handsome Twist


    The Handsome Twist is a dark fiction fairytale inspired by the very true events in the author’s life, being raised in Iran as a LGBTQ+ male, which for many who don’t know is equivalent to a punitive fatality in this country. Due to tackling topics ...

  • Tales of Horror


    Tales of Horror is self explanatory. Its not gut wrenching but it hopes to intrigue the reader into the curious philosophy of horror and suspense Each story builds on horror. Its purpose is to instill horror and suspense. It is about the abusive ...