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Healing, Wellness, Mental Health, Addictions, Self-help, Personal Growth, Awareness

The Matrix for Life
Pathways to Contentment
by Raju Hajela, Sue Newton and Kaylie Rodriguez and Mike Davies

Everyone is looking for happiness, peace of mind and contentment but it is hard to choose and adhere to one’s path. Through the concept of a matrix that is based on robust spiritual principles and practical psychology, the authors explore the obstacles to personal growth and ideas that can be transformative in one’s life. A simple series of 9 windows of the matrix guide readers through the ABCs of Awareness, Action, Acceptance; Beliefs, Boundaries, Balance; and Compassion, Caring and Contentment. The Matrix for Life will inspire you to re-examine ideas about your life that may be keeping you trapped in the past or making you worry about the future. It will help expand your perspectives through practical ideas and exercises to embrace life’s journey in a joyful and meaningful way as you take responsibility for your own health, well-being and personal growth.

Dr. Raju Hajela, Sue Newton, Kaylie Rodriguez, and Mike Davies are healthcare professionals at Health Upwardly Mobile Inc. (HUM), an outpatient, continuing-care assessment and treatment facility based in Calgary, Alberta. Collectively, they have over ten decades of clinical experience treating people who are struggling with mental health, relationship issues, chronic pain, and addiction. The nine concepts outlined in The Matrix for Life are integrated daily into their psychotherapy practice to help people improve their overall health and wellness. The group's previous publications include Addiction is Addiction (2015), the Addiction is Addiction workbook (2018), and Love, the Drug (2020).


Raju Hajela
Sue Newton
Kaylie Rodriguez and Mike Davies

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