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Loss and grief, Death, Friendship, Demons and ghosts, Other dimensions, Letting go, Scientific theory

Into the Forgotten
This is Nowhere
by A.J. Hanlon

Lux Littleton is a brilliant young woman studying in the field of quantum mechanics, and even though she seeks to understand everything about the unobservable universe, nothing can prepare her for the absence she is about to face: the sudden death of her little sister. It’s not long before a cloaked, sunken-eyed figure appears at the edges of her consciousness—the same figure that her sister described seeing just before she died. Thus, while grappling with overwhelming grief and stricken with guilt over her connection to the tragedy, Lux embarks on a journey that both harnesses and defies the laws of science. Using her knowledge of physics—and with the support of her good friends and a burgeoning love interest—she goes to all lengths to make contact with her sister, whom she believes is trapped in an unknown dimension of terror. But the deeper Lux goes into the realm of the forgotten, the closer she gets to the dangerous shadows that have torn her life apart.

A story of loss, heartbreak, and self-forgiveness, Into the Forgotten: This Is Nowhere features a brave heroine, an incomprehensible horror, and friendships that illuminate the darkest nights of the soul. At the crossroads of science, academics, theology, and the occult, readers will find themselves in a unique terrain that explores the challenging process of grieving in an entirely new way. Blending reality with fantasy and supernatural horror, A.J. Hanlon presents an emotional, metaphorical journey into and out of the self, exploring the steps that must be taken while learning to live after walking through the shadows of death’s kingdom.

A.J. Hanlon is an author and grade-school teacher at a school in Alberta, Canada. With a lifelong passion for literature, a significant part of his professional vocation lies in instilling an appreciation for writing in his students. He has a background in both the sciences and humanities, having fostered a keen interest in physics—especially quantum mechanics—as well as philosophy and the literary genre of horror. He loves golfing, hockey, and videogames when he is not writing.

When it comes to his own writing, Alex combines these diverse interests with challenging, painful experiences that have shaped his own life, including the deaths of close loved ones. With deep knowledge and emotional sensitivity, he seeks in his work to strike a balance between fantasy and the difficult realities of the human experience.

Into the Forgotten: This Is Nowhere is A.J.’s first publication, as well as the first book in a forthcoming series. He currently resides in Edmonton with his cat, Gus.


A.J. Hanlon

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