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Target Audience:
  • Early Childhood (under 7 yrs old)

Brother and sister, Stories about make-believe, Rhyming children’s books, Modern fairytales, Curious kids, Bedtime stories, Secret adventures

The Wondrous Wumblus
by Sam Lowe and Philip Bazan

Brother and sister Junior and Sweet Pea wake up to a noise in the night. Could it be the Wondrous Wumblus? Together they search around their house, stopping only to indulge in midnight snacks and dress-up, but the Wumblus always remains around the next corner, just out of reach. Good thing there’s always tomorrow night . . .Told in rhyming verse, The Wondrous Wumblus is a tale of make-believe, mystery, adventure, and sibling friendship that, while geared toward children under 7, will appeal to readers of all ages. Parents will delight in this twisting and turning, interactive experience and revel in the chance share a fresh new story with a classic feel.

Friends since college, Sam Lowe and Philip Bazan are comedy writers who enjoy the art of wordplay and want to share it with others. Both growing up in families where reading with their parents was a staple of their youth, they hope to contribute a body of work with a contemporary-classic, yet fun feeling to the realm of children's books. The Junior and Sweet Pea series is best enjoyed by parents and children alike, acting as a fun and interactive way to present children’s minds and imaginations to the appreciation of language, reading, writing, and speaking. They both reside in Southern California.


Sam Lowe
Philip Bazan

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