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  • The Stephens’ Stories

    Our Changing Family by

    This is a lively, funny, and heartwarming story about the formation of a blended family. Lane and Kassidy visit their dad every other weekend, and one weekend they are introduced to Sabrina, who soon becomes their stepmother. Sabrina is kind and ...

  • Remarkable Robot

    The Super-Duper Triplets by

    Lacy, Lexy, and Lucy are the Super-Duper Triplets! These sisters can magically jump into the books they read. When they explore their book about a robot named Hexa, the triplets learn that the poor robot needs help crossing a wall made of shapes. If ...

  • The Magic Candle

    or How We Got Home by

    Charlotte and her sisters Emma and Andrea live in a cabin in a forest—but they can’t remember how they got there. When otherworldly characters show up—a talking wolf, royal guards with a glass slipper, woebegone dwarves—Charlotte suspects they’ve ...

  • Our Place

    Monica and Brad Start School by

    Brad and Monica are five-year-old twins, who are just about to start school. Both of them are blind, so they will learn to read and write using braille. At school, they meet Mrs. Perkins, their teacher, and Mr. Ishikawa, a teaching assistant. They ...

  • My Dad the Dino


    My sister has been telling me some crazy stories about my dad lately, like how she thinks he’s a dinosaur. Can you believe that?! At first, I didn’t believe her. My dad has normal teeth, and he walks like everyone else does. But then she shared ...

  • The Rainy Day Adventure

    An Andrea Leah Story by

    The day is gloomy and rainy. Andrea and Leah so want to be outside instead of the in the house. What can they possibly do when they cannot do what they really want to do? Sometimes a day turns out a lot different than you think it is going to. And ...

  • To My Boy Baby


    To My Boy Baby chronicles Ella’s love for her adoptive brother, George, through a series of personal letters starting when little Ella first dreams of her Boy Baby. The book provides touching episodes of their lives together from toddler years ...

  • Magical Unicorn

    The Super-Duper Triplets by

    Lacy, Lexy, and Lucy are triplets. Dad helps them build their very own library. The girls soon discover that when they join hands, they have the ability to magically enter books. Will they be able to help Rainbow the unicorn find her horn? Follow ...

  • The Snookie-Cookie Crew and The Cranberry Cookie Cruncher


    A mysterious creature is stealing all the cookies at the Snookie-Cookie Bakery. Join the Snookie-Cookie Crew as they collect clues and rely on their imaginations and problem solving skills to solve the mystery of the Cranberry Cookie Cruncher!

  • Sam And Amy Build A Snowman


    When Sam and Amy wake to a snowy morning, they decide to build a snowman. Building Mr. Snowman is hard work! They want to make him just right. How will Mr. Snowman see? How will Mr. Snowman smell? But most importantly, how will Mr. Snowman smile? ...