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Neonatal loss, Grief, Fetal nonstress test, PROM, Mourning, Grief triggers, Identity crisis

Heavenly Seas
A Memoir
by LaCara Biddles

One in four. These are the odds for pregnancy and infant loss.

In the weeks and months following her daughter Kailani’s death, LaCara Biddles encountered multiple layers of grief that had to be navigated to facilitate her healing. Many of these layers are unknown territory to others until they, too, are faced with the harsh reality of pregnancy or infant loss.

Heavenly Seas invites parents dealing with pregnancy or infant loss to take what resonates with them to support their journey of grief. Some of the methods discussed—which allowed LaCara to transition from an all-consuming state of mourning and grief to a state where both grief and joy coexist in her life—include:

• Giving yourself permission to grieve

• Creating memorials

• Keeping a journal

If you’ve lost a child, Heavenly Seas seeks to remind you that you are not alone. There is light at the end of the tunnel. It might take weeks, months, or years to realize this. The more we take care of ourselves during our grief journey, the easier it becomes to see the light.

LaCara Biddles is a registered nurse, transformation coach, course creator, and author who holds a BSc in Nursing from the University of Victoria, in addition to an MSc in Nursing from the University of British Columbia.

Through her personal losses and working as a palliative care nurse, LaCara has been provided with an intimate look into the realities faced by families following the death of a loved one. She truly realized how loss impacts every aspect of one’s life, the harsh realities of grief, and the truth to navigating life following the loss of her baby, Kailani Mary Randall.

LaCara lives with her husband, Matt, in a remote and rural part of British Columbia, tucked away in the mountains. They remain hopeful that the future will bring them another child, while currently enjoying the company of their black lab, Gibson.


LaCara Biddles

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