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Tarot reading, Tarot cards, Religion and spirituality, Divination, New age healing, Fortune telling, Occult

You and Tarot
How to Read the Cards
by Bryan Cavan Doyle

When the art of tarot is fully understood, the truth of a seeker’s moment in time is revealed, and with truth comes healing. This book welcomes seekers of all experience levels to deepen their practice of tarot.

You and Tarot explores:

– detailed interpretations of cards in the Major

and Minor Arcanas

– the power of energies through colours

– the healing within numbers

– patterns of behaviour that impede success in the past, present, and future

– the value of intuition and its great rewards

Through attuned practice of tarot, seekers can intuit the energies that surround them and propel them through life, and access the peripheral energies and pathways which become available when puzzles are solved. Seekers will discover how truth and healing cycles can be set into motion, improving current situations and allowing greater interconnectedness and harmony with others on Earth.

Bryan Cavan Doyle has taught tarot in continuing education classes in Vancouver area schools for a number of years, and for the past thirteen years, he has read tarot professionally. He has also worked as a fabric buyer for his retail stores and mail order catalogues, a warehouseman, salesman, inventor, distributor of educational board games, and night business school instructor, as well as an instructor for the Silva Method. He has lived in London, Toronto, and San Francisco. For over fifty years now, he has lived in Kitsilano, Vancouver, with his wife Angela. You and Tarot is his first book


Bryan Cavan Doyle

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