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Sisters Learn Traditional Foods = The Oolichan Fish cover

Target Audience:
  • Young Children (7-11 yrs old)

Nisga’a nation, Oolichan, First Nations history, First Nations culture, Traditional foods, Oral tradition, Hoobiyee

Sisters Learn Traditional Foods = The Oolichan Fish
by Samantha Beynon

Samantha Beynon photo

For the first time, Author Samantha Beynon and Illustrator Lucy Trimble were able to create a rich traditional Children’s book that relates to their Nisga’a Ancestry surrounding the oolichan Fish. This story may be fiction; however, it tells many passed down stories and traditions that have related to their traditional Nisga’a upbringing that has been passed down from their maternal grandmother Jean Fitzgerald Trimble. In this story, two young Nisga’a sisters are gifted with sacred traditional stories from their grandparents that have been passed down for many generations. The two sisters can retain a life long of information that they never knew about the oolichan fish which allows them to appreciate it more than ever. Two young sisters inheriting oral traditions and stories from their grandparents creates a story bringing back the Nisga’a language, history, and culture.

“Hi Samantha, I went through your story and enjoyed the read. I had a little tear welling up in my eye as I thought how cool it will be for kids to be reading about part of their culture. This kind of story is long overdue and badly needed. I hope it is the first of many.

I did not see anything that would offend or in need of change. I feel you should leave the spelling “oolichan” as is, since all Nisga’as seem to spell it this way.

Thanks for giving me this opportunity and good luck with the book.

— Edward Desson Fisheries

Manager / Nisga'a Fisheries and Wildlife Nisg̱a’a Lisims Government


Samantha Beynon
Lucy Trimble

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