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birth sister, mother, adoption story, adoptive parents, birth sister search, family secrets, journey

She Called Her Joy
A sister lost and found
by Tamela Georgi

"Who are you?"

The mystery relative couldn't tell her. She was adopted.

Tami had just discovered that she was a DNA match to a complete stranger. They were related. But how?

Tami's mother, the family historian, couldn't help, either. She had dementia.

It would lead Tami on an unbelievable journey of orphanages, closed adoptions, and family secrets. She would learn that there are people who have never seen a blood relative, who have no idea who they look like in this world. And she would learn that a single choice you make can change the lives of generations to follow.

Her mother needed help. She had dementia and a host of physical problems. Tami hadn't been there for her mother or her family for decades. Suddenly one day she made the decision to move her almost-retired husband and two reluctant cats across the country to start over. New house, new jobs, new life. And she hoped that somewhere along the way she could reconnect with the family she left so long ago.


Tamela Georgi

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