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Journeys of Grief and Loss
by Dr. Maple Melder Crozier

Based completely on lived experience, this book shares the similar and different journeys that people have taken after the loss of a child, a life partner, or a parent. Every circumstance is unique, and has its own pain and joy. The history and cultures discussed show the variety of ways that death is dealt with globally, helping us to see past western styles of grieving. The art forms of music and books and poetry provide support for the sometimes roller-coaster journey of grief and loss.

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Dr. Maple Melder Crozier is the author of several articles and research papers, emerging from her work for the past 27 years as a professor in the Child Youth & Family Studies Department at the University of the Fraser Valley.

After experiencing and reflecting on her own personal tragedy of the sudden loss of her beloved husband of 41 years, she was able to see the universal experience of grief and loss in so many people around her. This book is the telling of those love stories. Maple is the joyous mom to 3 adult children, and 4 amazing grandchildren. She loves her family, football, and footwear!


Dr. Maple Melder Crozier

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