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Short fiction, Poetry, Canadian writers, History, Inter-generational stories, Ancestors and grandparents, Family

In the Writing Desk
Poems and Short Stories
by Eleanor M. Abra

This book is a mix of poems and short stories. Some poems were written almost 40 years ago, others as recently as the first COVID-19 lockdown. The stories detail the interaction between people and the ones who want to help them. This book is meant for anyone who is interested in families, or history, or how families create their own history. The title poem, "In the Writing Desk" was inspired by the letters, pictures and recipes found in an old writing desk, that predates Queen Victoria, and has been a treasured family heirloom since the 1870's. The short story, "On Christmas Eve" is loosely based on a family story about an incident at the beginning of the Depression.

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Eleanor Abra is comfortable with the existence of an afterlife since she grew up in a haunted house in Ottawa. Her father did state that all the ghosts were friendly, and some friendly spirits tend to haunt her work. She worked in the Ottawa Public School system, teaching English Literature, English Writing, and History. When she retired, she decided to write what she wanted to read. Eleanor is finding respite from the realities of COVID-19 lockdown by writing. As well as poems and short stories, she is currently working on a novel based in Ottawa and Sydney, Cape Breton, culminating with the Battle of the Gulf of St. Lawrence during the Second World War.


Eleanor M. Abra

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