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RCMP Biographical, RCMP Investigation, Angels, Brain Cancer Story, Eternal Life Heaven, Police Officer Memoir, Personal Memoir

Angel Wings #37166 10-8 Heaven
An Angel watches over the Peacekeepers
by Sharon Simons

ANGEL WINGS #37166 10-8 HEAVEN is a true-life story that captures the unique working relationship of a close-knit Royal Canadian Mounted Police team of three policewomen and their elite compassionate police supervisor, who along with other police officers investigate serious crime cases. A life-saving hostage investigation earns these three policewomen the title "The Angels."

Life takes a turn for “The Angels” when Constable Sarah Cockerill is diagnosed with cancer and, as a result, she experiences a life journey that addresses whether God and Heaven are real.

In all her years of policing, Sharon Simons, RCMP Corporal retired, has never received such an adrenalin rush as when she witnessed Constable Sarah Cockerill returning from Heaven in the form of live Angel Wings with living proof that GOD AND HEAVEN AND ETERNAL LIFE ARE REAL.

Could this be the proof so many have longed for?

Sharon Simons, Royal Canadian Mounted Police Corporal retired, served the loyal citizens of Canada for thirty-six years as a crime investigator in the provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, New Brunswick, and trained at the RCMP Academy Depot Division in Saskatchewan. Corporal Simons has experienced a variety of policework during her years on the force including Airport Policing, Detachment General Duty Policing, General Investigation Unit (GIS) – Morality Unit, Serious Crime Unit (SCU) - Integrated Sexual Predator Observation Unit (ISPOT), Integrated Child Exploitation Unit (ICEU) focusing on child pornography Internet investigations, Prostitution (PPU) and the Provincial Counter Exploitation Unit, as well as monitoring the compliance of convicted sex offenders registered with the National Sex Offender Registry.

In 2001, two days following the passing of Constable Sarah Cockerill, Sharon Simons, Corporal retired, witnessed physical proof that God and Heaven are real when the Spirit Angel Constable Sarah Cockerill returned from Heaven to fill the sky with her brilliant white, perfect Angel Wings.


Sharon Simons
Gordon Black
Lesli Roseberry

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