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  • Up From The Streets

    The Many Lives of Hank Garrett by

    Hank Garrett was raised in a multi-cultural neighborhood. In the 1950s, poverty was a way of life. Survival was the goal and violence was the means. By age 12, Hank was carrying a .25 caliber handgun. He would either end up dead or in prison. But a ...

  • The Unsung

    Memoirs of a Canadian Federal Agent by

    As a first responder and polygraph examiner, Darren Hudson was subjected to some of the most horrific scenarios imaginable. From traffic accidents to the twisted inner workings of violent criminals, he needed to stay focused and professional to do ...

  • Capitol City Fireman


    Every little kid dreams of being a fireman, most grow out of it; those who don’t just want to work in a big city at a busy firehouse. These are the stories of one man who did just that. The adventures are both entertaining and informative and one ...

  • Never at Ease

    Memoir of a Mountie by

    Follow the journey of a young woman as she fulfills her dream of becoming an RCMP officer and enters a world of excitement and honour serving the Canadian public. This is Paulette’s story of survival, loneliness, and the will to constantly push ...

  • Behind the Razor Ribbon

    A Correctional Officer’s Perspective by

    Life inside a Federal Penitentiary is a mystery to most people. Closely governed by rule and law, Federal Penitentiaries are nevertheless complex communities of people who live and work behind the razor ribbon that encircles them. Correctional ...

  • Champions of the Dead

    OPP Crime-fighters Seeking Proof of the Truth by

    In 1875, John Wilson Murray—known as “Canada’s Sherlock Holmes”—was appointed Ontario’s first permanent Government Detective, commissioned to investigate crimes such as murder, rape, and arson. His first homicide assignment was to look into the ...

  • It Will Get Tough

    Cops & Bikers by

    The motorcycle club life style has been wild and woolly from the beginning. I've written about some wild and sometimes violent times. I have also tried to put a light on some of the corruption and underhanded dealings by some authorities. One ...

  • Health Inspector, Eh?

    Memoir by a Health Inspector by

    Drawing from memories of his long career, Peter Lee weaves tales that are often hilarious, educational, and eye-opening about the life of a Public Health Inspector. From following up on bizarre complaints to dealing with angry, even threatening ...

  • Cop

    Forty-Three Years In The Royal Canadian Mounted Police by

    COP is the true story of Bill Sharp’s service in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police from 1968 to 2011. For over forty-three years he served in British Columbia where he upheld the law in Trail, Burnaby, Castlegar, Surrey, North Vancouver, Coquitlam ...