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Wisdom, Positivity, Harmony, Faith, Clarity, Passion, Andrew Smith

True Wisdom & Knowledge
A Self-reinforcement Book
by Andrew Smith

Drawing heavily on the key themes of moral strength, wisdom, positivity, harmony, faith, clarity, passion, love, spirituality, courage, misfortune, hypocrisy, jealousy, and betrayal, True Wisdom and Knowledge offers a kind of guidebook for living your best life.

Life is full of unpleasant surprises and unexpected obstacles— no one is immune from the unforeseen and the unpredictable. By facing them with expectation, moral strength, and wisdom, a person can most effectively navigate them. And they can further improve themselves by learning the value of time and the importance of respecting it.

True Wisdom and Knowledge targets a wide swath of readership in terms of age and place of residence, but it is particularly aimed at young people, who might be able to apply its lessons to best advantage.

Andrew Smith is an aircraft structure technician, writer, designer, and illustrator. He has a special interest in spiritual connectivity and the wide-ranging forces of harmony, wisdom, patience, prudence, and discipline. He lives in Ottawa with his family.


Andrew Smith

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