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Learning from Experience, Kids & Parents, Obedience, Listening, Parents Know Best, Family, Daily Life

I Wasn't Born Big
by Mr. Murrell

Mom doesn’t know what she’s talking about!

That’s what Jen thinks, anyway. Jen’s mom is always telling her what to do, but Jen doesn’t want to listen. Jen thinks she knows better. But what if Jen’s mom is right? What if Jen’s mom wasn’t born big?

This entertaining and educational story navigates those troublesome waters when kids start questioning the adults around them. It points out that adults were kids too, once upon a time, and so it’s a good idea to listen to them. Adults just want to protect you and prevent you from making the same mistakes they did.

Perfect for children ages 4–7, it includes lessons about listening to your elders and learning from other people’s experiences. Jen’s tale of blazing her own trail and making mistakes despite her mother’s good advice is beautifully illustrated and fun to read aloud.

Mr. Murrell was born in Toronto, Canada to Barbadian parents. He is a graduate of Seneca College’s Independent Illustration Program and is an illustrator and children’s book writer.

After losing his mother to cancer in 2019 and learning he would be a father in 2020, he was inspired to write I Wasn’t Born Big. This picture book celebrates his mother’s wisdom as it lovingly molds young minds with her invaluable teachings.

Mr. Murrell lives in Toronto, Canada, with his two dogs, his son Wesley, and his partner Ashleigh.


Mr. Murrell

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