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  • Silly Seraphina

    Always Asking Why? by

    It’s Monday and time to get ready for school. But wait! Seraphina just woke up. There are so many things to do before she can be ready. She needs to eat her breakfast. She needs to get dressed. She needs to brush her teeth and wash her face. And she ...

  • Mucky, Plucky Peas

    A Story Massage Book to Read Aloud Before Bedtime by

    Follow the adventures of a little green pea as it survives chickens and snakes and elephants too on a long, difficult journey to its final destination. Mucky, Plucky Peas shows you how to make the story come alive on your child’s back through an ...

  • Sticky Brains


    Bad Thoughts Are Sticky! Aria is having a tough week. All she remembers is the bad stuff that happens. Then she discovers something amazing: her brain gets good at what it practices. (Yours does too!) She learns to make good thoughts stick too, ...

  • Sometimes it's Hard to be Me

    A Child's Struggle with Change by

    Today is going to be a lopsided day… Do you wear special pajamas on weekends? Does your breakfast food start with the same letter as the day of the week? Does it bother you to look at crooked pictures, work with someone unfamiliar, learn in a new ...

  • I Am A Kitty


    Taryn Amelia is one creative little critter. When life gets boring, Taryn’s imagination gets going. Taryn turns everyday activities into furry adventures in purrrfect kitty style. In what creative way will Taryn Amelia express herself next? What ...

  • Invisibles


    Ever wonder where that missing sock went? How about that last piece of a puzzle set? Are these items just lost? Maybe, or perhaps the Invisibles had something to do with it. The Invisibles are adorable, imaginative creatures that like to hide and ...

  • Molly McFrost Gets Lost


    Reading with young children will set them up for success and feed their thirst for knowledge! This charming story will engage young listeners and readers as they embark on a journey to find their own way. The rhythm and rhyme of the words will ...

  • Oh, to be a Knight


    In the picture book "Oh, to be a Knight" a child and his friends live between the real world and the imaginary world. They love to play with joy and exuberance, but sometimes their play results in mishaps. They all decide they need the help of the ...

  • Sunshine Cake


    Sunshine Cake is about an 8-year-old do-gooder who knew at an early age that her gift was to lift up the world. She wears sparkles at the tips of her toes and spreads sunshine wherever she goes. A creator of her own happiness, she makes every day an ...

  • How Alice’s Bad Day Turned Good


    Meet Alice. Alice is a young girl who thinks she is having a BAD day. But things are not always as they seem. Alice is really having a VERY GOOD day. Join Alice as she goes about her day and find out how Alice’s BAD day turned into a GOOD day.