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  • Sunshine Cake


    Sunshine Cake is about an 8-year-old do-gooder who knew at an early age that her gift was to lift up the world. She wears sparkles at the tips of her toes and spreads sunshine wherever she goes. A creator of her own happiness, she makes every day an ...

  • How Alice’s Bad Day Turned Good


    Meet Alice. Alice is a young girl who thinks she is having a BAD day. But things are not always as they seem. Alice is really having a VERY GOOD day. Join Alice as she goes about her day and find out how Alice’s BAD day turned into a GOOD day.

  • Friends on the Spectrum


    Like young leaves growing on a tree, each and every child around us is unique. No two children, or four, or even six, will develop and learn at the same pace or in the same way. Part of the joy of childhood is discovering the world around you and ...

  • Blinky and the Phone Fiasco

    A Family Guide to Screentime Limits by

    Tripler Pell, MD, MSc is a family physician, medical school teacher, and academic researcher with international experience. She is also an active mother of three, and most recently the author of a light-hearted children’s story pertaining to a ...

  • ¡Mis Actividades Favoritas!

    En Casa by

    Children love to learn when what they are learning relates to their favorite activities. Imagine them talking about what they like to do in SPANISH! They will soon be using the phrase ME GUSTA to express everything that they like. With this book, ...

  • Brushalot

    The Tale of the Tooth Fairy by

    In a magical, faraway land the Tooth Fairy is busy making healthy, big teeth for children after collecting their baby teeth. But one person doesn’t like what the Tooth Fairy and the people of the Pearly White City are doing: the evil Prince Plaque, ...

  • Don't Eat The Soap!


    Maya Mae hates soap. It’s stinky, yucky, ewwy, pewwy and she’ll have nothing to do with it. Maya Mae’s mom thinks she has found the solution. Maya Mae doesn’t smell anymore … but now the soap keeps disappearing and the rest of the family starts to ...

  • Kismet Tales from Happy Trails


    Kismet Tales from Happy Trails is a story told to remind each of us that we are all here to experience our own journey and to honor our own truth. Each of us is a unique individual, and it is only important that we each aspire to embrace the best ...

  • Munch


    Munch is the story of Randy, a young boy who loves to snack on candy and gobble up sweets. When his mother invites Randy to run and play outside, he prefers to stay in and watch TV on the couch. But one day Randy gets hungry, and unable to find any ...

  • Jessie You're So Messy


    Trent always wanted a dog. He thinks owning a dog will be so much fun. So when Trent finally turns old enough his parents decide to buy Trent a dog. The fun really begins as he finds out just how much work raising a dog can really be! Enjoy laughing ...