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Saskatchewan Canada, Prairies, Faith, Family, Autobiography, Family History, Personal journey

A Prairie Girl's Journey of Faith
by Rita Springer and trudy chiswell

Hailing from the Canadian prairies, Rita Springer has lived a remarkable life. Now thriving on Thetis Island, Rita and her dear friend, trudy chiswell, bare the truth of Rita’s inspiring journey with family and faith.

Coming from a long line of hardy Canadians, Rita recounts those who came before her with rich historical detail and records dating back to the 19th century. Rita’s great-grandfather, Eurias Spicer, sailed the Atlantic Ocean amid the danger of sea and storm, making a life for himself captaining between England, New York, and Halifax. Rita tenderly recalls her grandmother, Robina, who left an unmistakable impression on her childhood. And the touching tale of Rita’s union with her husband, Ron, and life with their amazing children, explores the complexities of parenthood and partnership.

Rita’s upbringing on her family’s farm is ripe with recollections of rural life and fondness of family, yet it is her journey of faith that paves the way to true happiness. As Rita finds herself in God, she grows to see the world with new eyes. The lessons learned and the roads travelled, hand in hand with Christ, imbue Rita with overflowing joy and gratitude.

Glowing with candid honesty, personable prose, intense compassion, and delicious family recipes, Emerging is a one-of-a-kind account of a life well-lived.

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Rita Springer grew up on a farm in Southern Saskatchewan. The oldest of four, Rita remembers her childhood on the rural landscape fondly, but always insisted she was the farmer’s daughter, not the farmer.

Rita and her husband, Ron, have three children: Ramona, Richard, and Robert. The family of five is collectively known as the 5 Rs. Rita is also blessed with two granddaughters and a great-grandson. In 1972, she accepted Jesus Christ as her saviour and has never looked back. She now lives on Thetis Island with her friend and prayer companion, trudy chiswell.

Rita and trudy met at Capernwray Harbour Bible Centre in 2014 and became fast friends. Helping each other through the ups and downs of learning at 70 they realized they had many things in common including their faith in Christ. With a background in desk top publishing, writing and now learning to paint in her 70s trudy enjoys helping others express themselves by writing their memoirs and organizing the publishing details to the printed book.


Rita Springer
trudy chiswell

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