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  • Down Clearbrook Road

    A Girl in a BC Mennonite Village, 1946 –1951 by

    From Alberta, a young Mennonite girl arrives in BC, a"promised land of fruit and relatives. The fruit, it turns out, needs pickers and relatives want kids to work. Even her imagined fabulouse "States" is across a border. Her parents buy a farm on ...

  • Dream Catcher and Reconciliation


    Wally du Temple, who was a social worker during the Sixties Scoop of aboriginal children, presents a convincing case for the need of reconciliation with First Nations and also with Mother Earth.

  • Enduring Art, Active Faith

    3 Generations Create! by

    Enduring Art, Active Faith is a collection of short stories, essays, poetry, photographs, and depictions of artwork (prints, sculptures, and paintings) prepared by three generations of Robert Proudfoot’s family. A sense of reverence, celebration, ...

  • Overcoming Adversity

    Resetting Goals by

    OVERCOMING ADVERSITY IS A LIFE STORY of a highly educated military veteran and health executive who overcame an unusual childhood, inter-city life and challenges circumstances. Before the passage of Civil Rights, 1964, He, like many others, ...

  • Opportunity Knocked

    How an Idaho farm boy became a successful businessman and advocate of West Yellowstone, Montana by

    Growing up on a small family farm in the shadows of Yellowstone National Park, Clyde Glen Seely learned the importance of hard work, strong family ties and making the best of any circumstance. His first childhood responsibility was feeding bum lambs ...

  • George Works! Lad to Leadership

    The Making of a New Canadian by

    British citizen by birth and Canadian citizen by choice, George Daniels pens a fascinating autobiography of a life brimming with love, loss, adventure, creativity, personal and corporate achievement and recognition by his peers, Parliamentarians and ...

  • Patriarch

    The Abe Bickman Family History by

    Shortly before his death, Abe Bickman (the "Patriarch") gave his son, David, his modest family archive. This archive comprised: an envelope, postmarked in 1948 and with a return address in Brazil, in which were contained several black & white ...

  • T-Bone

    A Rancher's Story by

    Tim Brewin was born at Lethbridge in 1940, the youngest of 6 brothers and 3 sisters. He grew up on the family farm at Purple Springs, Alberta. He received his schooling at Hudson, Deer Park and Grassy Lakes Schools. He went to College at Olds, ...

  • 5 Squares


    It was Boston in the 1960’s – a time when nightclubs, bars and lounges had the city alive at night and a good time could continue after hours; and when entertainers frequented the city taking advantage of the climate. Add the world of the sporting ...

  • No Such Thing as Normal


    “Some of us never fit in… some of us were never meant to...” Life is miserable when you don’t know who you are. Nicole Robertson might appear to have everything: a loving family, a solid education, scholarships to prestigious schools and a bright ...