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    from Wah Lee to Chew Keen

    The story of a pioneer Chinese family in North Cariboo by

    Who was Wah Lee? To the Keen family living in North Cariboo, B.C., Wah Lee was their forefather from China; amongst local historians, Wah Lee is the name for a general store in Quesnel, B.C. This book unravels the mystery of a name, which is also ...

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    Far East Meets Far West


    This is basically a very personal story of a mixed marriage during the early twentieth century when marriages between certain ethnic groups was frowned upon and indeed in some circles despised. Canada at that time was basically peopled by European ...

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    My India My Canada

    Finding My Place Between Two Cultures by

    During Sixties, an English teacher in Jaipur, India, perceived that his wife, Kamla, who had only Matriculation, needs some training in formal dancing in banquets, and dinner table setting, before joining him in Canada. So Kamla got trained, before ...

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    From Poverty to Poverty

    A Scotsman Encounters Canada by

    Raised by a single mother on welfare during the 1930’s depression and World War II in the Scottish Highlands, Ian spends his childhood trying to get enough to eat and stay warm. During an adolescence apprenticed to a drunken blacksmith, he also ...

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    Waiting For Chester


    As an autobiography, “Waiting for Chester” relates the youthful adventures of the youngest member of an immigrant family. Arriving in Canada, from Europe in the early fifties and settling in an impoverished region of Hamilton Ontario, the author’s ...

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    Indian Residential Schools by

    An important work that collects and preserves stories whose value will never diminish. Kirkus Reviews Wawahte is one of the few books that I would strongly recommend to anyone who needs to understand Aboriginal issues in Canada. This book ...

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    John Friesen: The Man Behind the Machines

    A Memoir by

    To my family, I trust that the account written here will encourage and motivate you to do your best in all your endeavours, and to help others along your life's pathway.... your dad, grand-dad and great-grand-dad

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    If I'm Not Back By Wednesday

    Trapped in Jamaica's Blue Mountains by

    On December 16, 1967, five adventurous boys from one of the Island’s elite high schools, Jamaica College, set out into the majestic Blue Mountains in search of a mythical trail, endeavouring to reach its highest point, the Peak, at elevation 7402 ...

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    Opportunity Knocked

    How an Idaho farm boy became a successful businessman and advocate of West Yellowstone, Montana by

    Growing up on a small family farm in the shadows of Yellowstone National Park, Clyde Glen Seely learned the importance of hard work, strong family ties and making the best of any circumstance. His first childhood responsibility was feeding bum lambs ...

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    Cloud Messenger

    Love and Loss in the Indian Himalayas by

    As a Canadian medical student, Karen Trollope-Kumar went to India to study social and preventive medicine and met a young pediatrician named Pradeep. His dream of working in the Himalayan foothills captured her imagination, and the man captured her ...