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Romance, Italy, Italian romance, Lyrical romance, Romance novels, Relationships, Contemplative writing

The Searching Time: People Near Us
People Near Us
by Ambrozie Lucaci

The Searching Time is equally a drama, a romance, a social novel, a mystery novel and a lyrical novel.

The Searching Time is a rich drama about the intersecting lives of a sixteen-year-old girl and a thirty-five-year-old man. The man suffers an unhappy marriage with a bored wife; the girl suffers, too, with school and parents and the mystery of a silver-tongued communicator who attends a pivotal party at her home. What happened with them?

The Searching Time explores with great passion and poetry the rich mysteries of happiness and love, relationships and innocence. Through a range of lenses, including religion and philosophy, this highly original book of essays and poetry weaves a compelling narrative to contemplate these vast subjects.

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Born and educated in Romania, Ambrozie Lucaci is living in London, Canada, since 2003. The author, a former History teacher, wrote The Searching Time more than a decade ago. The book had a long journey until it was published.


Ambrozie Lucaci
Sandra Dufton
Dana Circiumaru.

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