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  • Eric and Jenny


    Eric Barrett is the world’s most eligible bachelor. The multimillionaire playboy can have any woman he wants, but there is only one he truly loves. Jenny Ali is young, kind, innocent, and has no idea who Eric really is. She’s unlike anyone he’s ever ...

  • Timpul Căutărilor: Oameni lângă noi


    Timpul Căutărilor este în egală măsură o dramă, o poveste de dragoste, un roman social, un roman polițist și un roman liric. Timpul Căutărilor este o dramă despre viețile intersectate a două pesonaje, o fată de șaisprezece ani și un bărbat de ...

  • The Searching Time

    People Near Us by

    The Searching Time is equally a drama, a romance, a social novel, a mystery novel and a lyrical novel. The Searching Time is a rich drama about the intersecting lives of a sixteen-year-old girl and a thirty-five-year-old man. The man suffers an ...

  • Chandkoor's Journey


    During a trip to India, retiree Annie and her friend Leila hire Amarnath as their driver in Rajasthan. Having fallen in love with India's colours, aromas, sights, sounds, and people, the friends return for another vacation. This time, Annie's and ...