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  • Cancun Moon


    Susan and Chris are a fairly new young couple living alone in separate apartments. When faced with yet another rent increase stuffed under her apartment door, Susan entertains the idea of sharing a place with Chris. Sold on the beauty of a home ...

  • A Near Miss


    Meet Seraphina St. Clair. She’s confident, capable, and owns a successful consulting business, but she’s also lonely and untrusting, and she thinks that she is incapable of being loved. Seraphina’s life and luck begin to change, however, when she is ...

  • Till Death Do Us Part


    Renee had found the love of her life—Paul Hamilton. She had a fairy tale wedding and now a charming home with a white picket fence. But not long after her marriage, her seemingly perfect life begins to crumble. Paul comes from a well-to-do family in ...

  • The Beckoning Sky


    llse is healing from a failed marriage as a result of her mother’s betrayal. Ziltan is the sole caregiver to his abusive father. When he dies a secret is revealed which shatters Ziltan’s entire world. Through these two very different lives coming ...

  • Timpul Căutărilor: Oameni lângă noi


    Timpul Căutărilor este în egală măsură o dramă, o poveste de dragoste, un roman social, un roman polițist și un roman liric. Timpul Căutărilor este o dramă despre viețile intersectate a două pesonaje, o fată de șaisprezece ani și un bărbat de ...

  • Tantalizing Desires

    A Woman's Glimpse into her Fantasies by

    What excites you? What do you fantasize about when you think no one is watching? What would happen if you gave in to those private urges and let yourself sink into a world of passion and desire? In Tantalizing Desires, Lori A. Heslegrave pulls back ...

  • The Gods of Thought and Memory


    A fresh start in Scotland's Orkney Islands is just what artist Caris MacLeod needs. Leaving British Columbia and a broken marriage behind for the wild coast of Orkney, Caris is immediately captivated by Mark Raffin, a mysterious, aloof neighbour who ...

  • Le Cygne Perdu

    Un Triangle Amoureux Inattendu by

    L’urgentiste Kimberly Williams pensait qu'elle avait tout pour elle: une carrière en plein essor, un avenir prometteur et une relation passionnée avec le Docteur Stefan Armani. Jusqu’au jour où Stefan disparaît sans laisser de trace pour revenir ...

  • Aaron's Year of '77

    A Story in Twelve Parts by

    Aaron’s Year of ’77 is an erotic romance novel that tells of the year that Aaron, a young gay man from Brockville, Ontario, Canada came of age. Set deep in the disco era, the story unfolds to follow naive young Aaron over the first twelve months of ...