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  • The Port

    Murder and Intrigue in Churchill, Manitoba by

    It is 2012, and John Alder is a recently retired Detective Sergeant from the Toronto Police Service. Looking to the future, he applies for and accepts a position as the Security Chief at the Grain Terminal Port in Churchill, Manitoba. As John moves ...

  • Trusting Claire


    Claire Perova has always struggled to find the people and places that make up “home.” After a lengthy university adventure in Greece, she returns to Canada where she eventually meets two men. But just as her romantic life starts getting complicated, ...

  • Diamonds on the Danube

    A River Cruise Novel by

    Adelle is bored of retirement and ready for adventure. When her travel agent friend falls ill and asks Adelle to step in for her as a tour host for a group of four women on a two-week river cruise from Budapest to Amsterdam, Adelle jumps at the ...

  • Escape From TUOYAWON

    Chrissy’s struggle to deal with her entrapment takes a dramatic unexpected turn by

    “Escape From Tuoyawon" from author R. Murrey Haist is book two of a chilling mystery trilogy series following Chrissy, a girl whose life from childhood had always been full of friends, family, and accomplishment. She had recently graduated at the ...

  • Ridley's War

    When a War Ends the Killing Doesn't Always Stop by

    When Detective George Ridley accompanies his war-vet father Bert to the countryside for a military reunion marking D-Day, he doesn’t expect to become entwined in a murder investigation and an Italian art theft scandal from World War II. But after ...

  • Lady In The Red Hat


    A severed thumb leads an eccentric Mexican homicide detective to the Mafia, Russian mobsters, diamond smuggling, murder, and a lady in a red hat.

  • Death of a Tycoon


    Shortly after wrapping up the case of a murdered judge in the small community of Pineview, the discovery of a body on the beach during her early morning jog plunges lawyer Vivian Clarke into yet another murder mystery. Teaming up once again with ...

  • Whispers in the Medina


    When a fellow agent inexplicably vanishes during a standard observation assignment in Morocco, the San Martín brothers are pulled, yet again, into a dark underworld of organized crime, drugs, and global intrigue. But in the seventh installment of ...

  • The Case of the Golden Helmet


    Tom Thomas is a Special Investigator with the Canada Revenue Agency. Tom Thomas, a CRA special investigator, is assigned the case of an individual who been been taken to court for failure to file tax returns. The individual filed four years of ...

  • Well, I'll Be Damned!


    Film editor Rick Potter is serving thirty years for a murder he didn’t commit . . . but all things considered, life behind bars isn’t so bad. In fact, he’s flourishing in his new environment, regaling his colorful group of fellow inmates with tales ...