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    • Improve self-esteem

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The Inner Shift
The Empowered Path of Shifting Within to Gain Purpose, Prosperity, and Peace
by Seema Khan

Are you aware that your “limiting beliefs” are holding you back in life? Our life is the outcome of our recurring thoughts and attitudes. Through conscious selfwork, you can overcome your self destructive patterns, emotional struggles, and mental blocks that stand in your way to attaining your best version of self and claiming success in life; promoting joy, self-confidence, and inner-peace. “The Inner Shift” allows the intentional work that addresses your mind, body, soul, emotions and holistic well-being. This work supports an individual process to bring about transformation from the inside-out. If cultivating a life-enriching mindset to live with authenticity, harmony, and purpose, sounds appealing to you, this book provides a valuable blueprint to achieve all that and more.

“The Inner Shift challenges the reader towards self-reflection and growth through strategic concepts and personal experience. Seema’s passionate approach attaches the reader to each page by encouraging their own imaginative potential for change and purpose.” —Sheikh Waleed Basyouni, President of Almaghrib Institute, PhD., Islamic scholar. “A thoroughly enjoyable - and important - read for anyone who has ever second-guessed themselves, played small or felt that they are not enough. In other words: all of us. With honesty, compassion and grace, Seema Khan guides us through the essential steps to shifting our perceptions of ourselves and choosing to live a more fulfilling and authentic life.” —Na’ima B. Robert, Award-winning author of Show Up: A Motivational Manifesto for Muslim Women, Book Coach. “Seema has put together a great tool box of essentials in this book. Anyone looking to take their development seriously will benefit from this resource.” —Razia Hamidi, Life Coach, CEO DiscoverU “A valuable book I can recommend for many of my patients struggling emotionally or mentally with life’s challenges. The impact of which can be detrimental to one’s health. Seema provides helpful insight that can combat this and improve overall well-being.” —Dr. Naila Sherwani

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Seema is a Canadian born Pakistani Muslim woman who wears many hats. She’s a professional artist, educator, motivational speaker, author, and a certified holistic life coach. Seema has been married for over 20 years and is a mom to four amazing, homeschooled children. Her purpose, spirituality, personal well-being, and family are her top priorities in life. She loves to indulge in mindful practices such as yoga, connecting with nature, meditative art, nurturing her plants, and reflective writing. Seema is trained in various coaching fields and uses different modalities and tools such as NLP, IFS, Art Therapy, CBT, and Positive Psychology in her practice. She enjoys learning and intends to remain a student of knowledge to grow her skillset and deliver exceptional support to empower others. She also dedicates some time to mentoring moms by engaging in non-profit work. As a holistic life coach, Seema works with women to overcome their mental and emotional challenges, empowering them to lead with awareness, confidence, and purpose. Helping women build a strong sense of self, happier relationships, and parenting consciously, are most fulfilling in her work. Seema is enthusiastic about intentional, soulful living and cultivating self-mastery, which she believes impact all aspects of personal life. Her strong intuition and enhanced emotional intelligence are her most valuable gifts that she uses in her sessions. Seema believes that everyone has the potential to shift and bring about massive positive transformation in life. Seema’s work The Inner Shift is inspired by her personal journey, valuable Islamic teachings, her passion for helping others, vast research, and learnings through working directly with many happy clients. Connect with Seema: @seema.holisticlifecoach


Seema Khan

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