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memoir, coming of age, faith, family, God, romance, true love

One Of A Kind
A Godly Woman Experiencing Forbidden Love
by Nicikia

A love story spanning thirty years. A woman dedicated to her faith. A forbidden love with an uncertain destiny.

Meeting as teenagers, Nicikia and C.J. had an instant connection. A precious and monumental friendship was established in the school hallways when the teenagers needed each other the most. Though their chemistry was undeniable, they went their separate ways, experiencing love and relationships with other people. But there was something that drew Nicikia and C.J. back together time and again.

The road to one another was rocky and difficult to navigate. Nicikia had to wrestle with what God was guiding her to do against outside influences, which made her question her faith. She chose to believe in herself and trust that the messages from God were leading her in the right direction.

One of a Kind is a memoir written with honesty and candor as the reader follows the ups and downs in this tumultuous relationship. It is also a story about faith and one woman’s quest to become the best version of herself.

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Nicikia is a debut author who wanted to share her story of love and faith to inspire readers to follow the plan God has set out for them. She lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her family.



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