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Micro fiction, 50-word stories, Finance memoir, Business memoir, Academia memoir, VAT book, Science fiction collection

The First Year
97 Stories Distilled From 87 Years of Successful Living
by D. Burton Smith

After losing his cherished wife of sixty-three years to leukaemia, Don joined a writing group called The Centre Wellington Writers ( What he wrote was a mix of fiction and non-fiction, both realistic and larger than life. The First Year compiles ninety-seven stories from Don’s first year of writing for fun, ranging from fifty-word micro-stories to a 30,000-word novella.

Follow entrepreneurs as they fight against and try to outsmart the odds. Dive into “Nurena,” a science-fiction novella about a hostile planet, crypto-currency, and an oppressive regime. Rescue loons from a frozen lake, read along with a children’s story, reminisce about loved ones and times past, revive a failing company, and travel the stars.

"D. Burton Smith’s charming, semi autobiographical book includes life lessons and gentle humor. The short stories are notable for the breadth of experiences they represent, the knowledge that is apparent behind them, and the range of their narration styles and themes. The book’s memoir portion focuses on descriptions: These entries are nostalgic, clean, and sharp.

The First Year collects the fertile, knowledgeable, and imaginative observations and fiction exercises of a retiree who found and embraced his creativity."

— Foreword Clarion Book Review

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D. Burton Smith has worked as a chartered accountant, general manager, university educator and productivity consultant. Over the course of his career he visited at least a hundred companies to examine their factories, products and records to help optimize their operations. He has written hundreds of reports, cases, articles and teaching notes over a sixty-year career, but for the first time he was writing from what was in his head.

Don has six children, fourteen grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren (and counting). He lives in Elora, Ontario, with a longtime friend and new life-partner, Carol Eliza.


D. Burton Smith

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