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Relationship stories, Marriage memoir, Divorce memoir, Finding love, Older adults, Dating later in life, Romantic memoir

Finding The Perfect Person
The Journey to Finally Getting It Right
by Kathy Richardier and Doug Proctor

Finding the person to live a fulfilling life with is not easy. Relationships, like life, have their ups and downs, and sometimes you need to make mistakes before you can find the right path.

Finding the Perfect Person presents the dual memoirs of two people who found each another later in life. Over many years, Kathy and Doug have both experienced marriages, divorces, child rearing, broken relationships, and the difficulties of merging needs, personalities, and households.

Writing in an accessible and gently humorous style, Kathy pairs her account of meeting Doug with the story from his perspective, complete with illustrations. Narrating their earlier experiences as well as their love story, Kathy and Doug show how people can grow beyond disappointing relationships to find love later in life.

The tremendous insight gained from our relationships—who we are, what we want, and where we are going—can sometimes only be attained through experience and heartache. As Kathy and Doug show, perseverance and good intentions can bring us to a better place in our lives; hope and optimism is the true path towards the happiness and fulfillment we all deserve.

Now retired, Kathy Richardier enjoyed a long career in writing and publishing. From 1993 to 2019, she was the co-owner and Editor/Publisher of a Calgary-based food magazine, City Palate. Kathy compiled articles from the magazine to publish the book The Best of City Palate: 10 Years of Good Eats and Good Reads with her business partner Gail Norton in 2003.

Also now retired, Doug Proctor was an oil and gas geologist in Calgary, holding various technical and managerial positions over the years. He has published a number of articles and poems in local print media as well as City Palate.

Kathy and her now-husband, Doug, have lived together for many years. They live in Calgary, Alberta.


Kathy Richardier
Doug Proctor

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