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Feminism Poetry, Inspirational Poetry, Canadian Poetry, Empowering Poetry, Love Poems, Nature Poems, Soulful Poetry

Grit in Her Veins, Grace in Her Soul
Poetry for Bold Women
by Sophia Devi

Wave after wave,

I rise,

Pulling you up with me

To turn the tide.

-Sophia Devi

Life-altering experiences at the beginning of her journey armed the future poet with the grit she will need to forge her own path toward womanhood. Written from a feminist perspective and as a woman of colour, GRIT IN HER VEINS, GRACE IN HER SOUL is a captivating collection of empowering and heartwarming poetry. Dabbling in concrete, narrative, and lyrical poetry, the author takes the reader through a courageous, transformational journey through her work.

All through its lines, this book offers inspiration and wisdom while covering major themes of loss, resilience, heartache, love, and healing. The author demonstrates through the depth and power of her bold feminine spirit that there is a silver lining we can reach, as we rise from our adversity and pave an authentic road to self discovery.

"Emotionally rich and thought-provoking . . . A strong feminist voice coupled with calm sentiments."

—Sylvia Pollard

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Sophia Devi

Empowered to overcome adversity, Sophia turned to writing as a way of coping through hardships and articulating her truth. As a result, her poetry became a form of artistic expression, allowing her to explore the depths of her journey while keeping the light in her heart radiating with love.

Sophia is passionate about using her voice and inner convictions to speak to our shared humanity as we journey through life’s ups and downs. She believes the creativity that emerges from a poet’s heart can revolutionize our empathetic spirits in bold and uplifting ways.

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Sophia Devi

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