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personal growth, chase your dreams, life success, journey of discovery, life lessons, leveling up, how to change your life

Your Life, Your Success
by Karen Martin

Your most difficult seasons create the survival stories. In life, you will walk through trials. How you’ll recover from your struggles and what you make of them is what matters. By embracing your own unique combination of light and darkness, flaws and rough edges, you begin to see that a failed dream does not mean failure; success can be found in failure when you keep moving forward.

Your Life, Your Success will challenge you to take responsibility for your life and rise to the challenge of what “success” means to you. No matter what you walk through, you are worth loving, and you can still find success with the right tools.

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Karen Martin lives with her nine-year-old son, Jamison, in a small town in Alberta, Canada. She's been writing since she learned how to and can also be found playing the piano, violin, or guitar with her son. Your Life, Your Success is her first book.


Karen Martin

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