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How Many Grandmas Does It Take To... cover

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grandparents, grandchildren, children’s humor, grandma babysits, childproof, silly story, adventures with grandma

How Many Grandmas Does It Take To...
by Marcia Jacobs and Elyse Feldberg

In a world where teenagers cannot complete a call on a rotary phone after four minutes of valiant but futile attempts, two grandmas babysit their grandchildren while surrounded by toys and gadgets that neither they nor anybody else could have imagined when they were the age of their grandchildren. Now imagine them fumbling with a child's toy not knowing what it does or how to make it do whatever that is. They can't quite remember. Did they have to show their grandmas how to put bread in a toaster or turn on a television in the 1950's? This charming little book shows them struggling with the new while faintly remembering the old and being something that doesn't change... grandmas.

Marcia Jacobs and Elyse Feldberg are two grandmas who are related by marriage of their children Amy and David. This is a true story of their hilarious weekend watching their two grandkids Rachel and Aaron and their dogs, Max and Dudley. After raising their own children they thought this would be a breeze. Instead they were faced with all the latest modern technology of toys, gadgets and safety devices. Follow along with their hysterical adventures in this fun filled weekend.


Marcia Jacobs
Elyse Feldberg
Craig Cartwright

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