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Poetry collection, Love poems, Loss of love, Breakup poetry, Heartbreak, Female poet, Canadian poet

A Long-Forgotten Ache
Heartsong as Poetry
by Julie Godwin

You taste like winter

like freshly fallen snow

like pine needles

like frosty juniper berries - earthy, generous, and brisk.

You linger. You linger.

And I long.

After her marriage ended in her 30’s, Julie found herself entering a new phase of life and love—the hope, the yearning, the falling and the grief. A Long-Forgotten Ache: Heartsong as Poetry is an autobiographical account of her experiences of love during that time told through free-verse poetry. Julie uses this collection of poems to invite readers into the most intimate moments of her adult life, sharing her messy rawness and unsinkable bravery through it all.

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JULIE GODWIN is a speaker, writer, student, and a great many other things. She enjoys the craft of poetry and the art of speaking as it allows her to indulge in her passion for expression. Her poems have been published in several anthologies as well as online forums and she loves bringing her poetry to others both in written and spoken form. A Long-Forgotten Ache: Heartsong as Poetry is the final book of a trilogy; Sea of Glass: Prayer as Poetry and A Melancholy Whirlwind Romance: Movement as Poetry are its sisters. She lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada where she is currently pursuing her Masters of Divinity in Theological Studies at Tyndale University and in Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.A. with her weird and wonderful husband, Zak. Visit her at


Julie Godwin

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