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Stress Management, Reducing Anxiety, Spiritual Practice, Spiritual Identity, Self-help, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Personal Growth

The Rational Emotive Train
by Joseph L. Gill

A helpful and inspiring guidebook that provides key strategies for a cognitive path toward improving self-esteem and managing emotions. Filled with useful tips and tools to resolve stress, emotional turmoil, and issues with relationships, The Rational Emotion Train is an important reference for anyone who wants to learn more about how to face life’s challenging situations with courage and perseverance.

The book is designed to captivate the reader such that the text can be completed in one setting. This will entice the reader to refer to the book over and over, and be able to pick out the bits and pieces of information that will be useful in everyday life. It’s a great morning pick-me-up script for starting the day feeling happy and confident with a positive mindset. It’s also a great settle-me-down text that encourages a peaceful and better night's sleep.

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Joseph L. Gill is a licensed marriage and family therapist and a former lecturer/adjunct professor at San Jose State University. He has taught courses in stress diversity and health, and he is a prominent clinician with over thirty years’ experience. He also provides stress-management services on an individual and corporate level for many employee assistance programs in the San Francisco and South Bay Area. He is the author of Personalized Stress Management, The Spirit of Oneness, and The Relaxation Experience. He lives in San Jose, California.


Joseph L. Gill

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