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    • 978-1-5255-7178-7
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    • 978-1-5255-7177-0
    • 6.0 x 9.0 inches
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    • 60 pages
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    • 978-1-5255-7176-3
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  • Keywords
    • Acceptance,
    • Wholeness,
    • Mindfulness,
    • Self-awareness,
    • Self-help,
    • Personal growth,
    • France

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Welcome Self
Surviving and Thriving as a Human Being
by Lahana Grey

What if the path to finding self-acceptance was simple? What if, instead of needing complicated and time consuming programs, one just needs to practice conscious awareness and self-honesty? In Welcome Self: Surviving and Thriving as a Human Being, author/poet Lahana Grey shares her experience of visiting Cassis, France and simply, mindfully, being in the moment in her new surroundings without the restrictions of time. As she does, her new environment and her inner landscape become one, triggering new insights and the freedom to Welcome Self. As I see the wind trigger the trees to dance, they respond to the touch and let themselves be moved without thought. And I, so used to the pen flowing on paper, as I breathe, ask for the poetry of love and life to enter. In turn, the rich images and provocative metaphors of this lyrical writing, offer readers a unique opportunity to pause, share the experience through their own personal lens, and take their own inner journey to wholeness. Just feel, and if insights show up, then wonderful. The personality is equally satisfied. The swift way to ease and peace is through the action of Welcoming Self. Your Self, your core of love expands through the welcoming of its pushed-aside aspects. How precious to bring home all the forgotten and denied parts. Welcome you dear, dear Self.

“A joyous self-discovery. It makes you want to run out and live.” —Book sellers, White Dwarf & Dead Write Books

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Love Guided ~ She willingly followed Lahana Grey is a mother, grandmother, friend, poet, painter, and spiritual counsellor. She notes: “Two elements have been a constant compass in my life – creativity and spirituality. Through these forces I fully trust the gifts that flow. I am humbled by the trust life has in me to share truthfully.” Now being what she terms as “vintage”, Lahana has lots of time to live her dreams as they land upon her. She trusts her heart to lead, and in spite of wounds along the way, her spirit has thrived. A traveller and adventurer, she has visited many alluring countries, each with their own set of challenges and victories. Through these journeys, she experienced genuine kinship with the women, men, and children of those lands, as she was welcomed into their lives. These experiences are the everlasting gifts that she treasures every day.


Lahana Grey

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