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Overcoming trials, Anna Giesbrecht, Life in Canada, Christian faith, God and family, Spiritual growth, Mennonite heritage

A Grace Filled Life
by Wendi Friesen

Anna: A Grace Filled Life portrays a moving tribute to Anna Giesbrecht—daughter, sister, wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, friend and widow—roles which barely skim the surface of what her life has really meant. Following Anna’s life from the very beginning in Mexico to her life changing move to Canada, where she grew deep roots spanning her entire adult life, Anna’s story is one of sorrow, hope, victory, and love—her precious family and most of all, her Jesus. From early on, Anna came to know how Christ’s love was shown, through the life and the love of her parents.

As she faced her own personal battles, such as an unplanned pregnancy and life as a single parent, this familiar love continually shone through as she received support from her parents and family. Life was challenging but drawing from this strength, Anna grew into her faith and eventually she married, and her days revolved around work and more family. As trials and circumstances tested her faith, Anna chose to give thanks and to pray without ceasing.

This is an intimate story of a so-called ordinary woman, and the ripple effect that a life, well-lived, can have. Her legacy stretches across friendships, communities, and generations of family.

Lovingly told, this biography brings to life the story of a remarkable woman, and the courage and tenacity she has portrayed throughout her life will no doubt offer encouragement and inspiration to all. Readers are invited to share not just the abundant wisdom that is evident throughout Anna’s life, but to partake in her unique, down-to-earth home cooking.

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Wendi Friesen is a Mennonite writer who understands the value of family and faith and writes out of her desire to hold close the memory and love of those dear to her. She finds encouragement from family and is motivated to explore her own family’s history so that she can truly share their collective story. When she is not pursuing her writing, Wendi loves to read, a passion that has kept her working at the South Central Regional Library for the past fourteen years, a passion that also provided her with inspiration for her first book. Wendi enjoys music, photography, collecting old photographs, and frequenting flea markets.

Wendi Friesen lives in Altona, Manitoba, Canada, with her husband of twenty-six years. She is a mother and grandmother. Anna: A Grace Filled Life is her first book.


Wendi Friesen
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