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single motherhood, self-actualization, authentic women stories, empowering women, personal truth, spiritual enlightening, God’s blessings

Never Perfect Always Blessed
My Journey to Wholeness
by Lesley-Ann Forbes

Never Perfect Always Blessed recounts one woman’s journey to wholeness. Revealing intimate and empowering insights on the author’s teen pregnancy, the challenges she faced as she raised her son without his father and her journey to self-awareness, self-love and genuine happiness. Running throughout the narrative is a deep-felt belief in the opportunity that our life experiences offer growth and gifts from God. Created at the onset of her mother’s diagnosis with Alzheimer’s, these autobiographical tales honour her mother and her mother’s contribution to her life journey. At the same time, the stories demonstrate the influence of family, culture, friends and spiritual awareness.

Written with passion and authenticity, this memoir provides hope for anyone who suffers from a lack of self-worth, rejection, depression or sadness. It offers the assurance that current circumstances, however difficult or dark, don’t have to determine the future. We are all worthy and valuable and can create the lives that we want, just as Lesley Ann did. This narrative will especially appeal to single mothers who can often feel alone, tired, insecure and stigmatized. Lesley-Ann has been there, and she speaks directly to those women, giving hope, warmth, and acceptance.

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Lesley is a debut author, corporate training professional and entrepreneur. Teaching and helping to develop others has always been her passion. She recently founded and launched her own professional Voice Over company Forbes Voiceover. Her voiceprint extends across a variety of business platforms in the Waterloo region and surrounding areas. She hopes to evolve into other areas of the voiceover industry including radio and animation.

She has spent many years defining and exploring her personal journey to wholeness. Her book Never Perfect Always Blessed –tells her experience as a single teen mother, losing her Mother to Alzheimer’s and her journey to authentic and rich happiness through her life experiences. She hopes her story will encourage young women to trust & believe in themselves. Her life story is proof that self-awareness and spiritual understanding can lead you to an abundant life that is fulfilling regardless of your circumstances.

Her love of writing, running, yoga and meditation are some of her favorite antidotes to soothe & feed the soul. Her plan is to continue her volunteer work with non-for-profit organizations that support single mothers and their children.


Lesley-Ann Forbes
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