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poetry, poetry collection, love, loss, nature, family, self

by Tanya Mills

Unbroken is a reflection of moments—moments of strength and moments of need that are universal of the human condition. Largely autobiographical, this poetry collection shines a light in the dark places. Featuring themes of love and loss, family and self, nature and struggle, there is something for all readers within these pages.

Through her verses, Tanya has set out to show that we, as people, are not alone in our struggles. Tanya has chosen to embrace hardship in this collection, so that she might help others to replace the cycle of fear with one of pride rooted in survival. Unbroken is a demonstration of a life well-lived and all that that encompasses—joy, heartache, and unanswered questions.

"That which does not kill us makes us stronger." - Friedrich Nietzsche

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Tanya Mills has been writing poetry since childhood. It has been her coping method for tackling the great challenges of life, as well as her means of celebrating the great joys. Through it all, Tanya credits her poetry as proof that she can survive anything, which is what inspired her work on Unbroken.

Tanya lives in Oshawa, Ontario with her husband, Adam. Unbroken is her debut publication.


Tanya Mills

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