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The MYndful Movement Program
Your Complete Guide to Mindfulness in the Classroom Grade 1-6 & Grade 7-12 Stand-Alone Activities 8-Week Programs MYndfulness of Breath, Body & Mind
by Deb Taylor

The MYndful MovementTM (MYM) Program is an easy-to-follow curriculum for elementary and high school educators. No experience in mindfulness is necessary to guide your students in these engaging activities. Take your group through a regular practice in secular mindfulness of breath, movement, and thought for a healthier mind and body.

The powerful benefits of mindfulness strengthen children’s ability to focus, regulate emotions, feel more compassion to themselves and to others and reframe negative thoughts.

Begin your class with a short mindful moment. Integrating mindfulness into your course will maximize focused learning time and reduce transition time with this useful teaching tool.

Use a favourite activity as a stand-alone mindful moment or implement a session each week for the suggested consecutive 8-weeks. This comprehensive program will lead your entire student body in a school-wide well-being initiative.

Based on the rapidly growing scientific research, paying attention to what is happening inside our minds helps us better relate to our outside world. Developing this sensory awareness empowers students to manage their thoughts, feelings and emotions for greater resilience throughout their lives.

The social and emotional learning (SEL) skills that will be enhanced include



connection to self and others

compassionate self-awareness

Each activity is designed to accommodate a busy teacher’s schedule. The MYM program includes two educational manuals: Grades 1–6 and Grades 7–12. Each student will gain a clear understanding of their brain, their senses and their own ability to regulate thoughts through present-moment awareness.

A wide variety of activities for stress reduction, anxiety and depression management, and the general well-being of all children and youth are included.

Have fun with The MYndful Movement Program as your students get to know themselves on a moment-to-moment basis, setting them on a course of health and well-being.

“…the girls wrote some great takeaway's from the MYndful Movement presentation, such as positivity, being calm, yoga movements, positive mindset, the ball game, "a bad movement doesn't have to be a bad day," deep breathing, believing in myself,…”

—Child and Youth Counselor, Burlington elementary school

"This mindful practice (MYndful Movement) has really been helping me, and I am definitely going to keep it up. I'm starting to do some of the movements at home on my own and it's helping me have better days."

—Grade 7 student, Milton elementary school

“I like the drumming and the Qigong. It’s so fun.”

—Grade 2 student, Oakville

Question asked by Child and Youth Counsellor:

“How did you feel when you participated in the MYndful Movement activities?”

Responses from class of Grade 4 MYM students, Halton elementary school:

“Calm”; “Great”; “Energetic”; “Happy”; “I felt better about myself”; “Peaceful”

Deb Taylor has taught thousands of children and youth the important practice of present-moment awareness and resilience through the MYM Program. As a primary, intermediate and senior level teacher with more than 20 years of experience leading school-wide initiatives, classrooms, and individuals, Deb has had the opportunity to respond to the need for a more mindful school community. She has studied under the world’s leading mindfulness teachers. Combining her education with her extensive personal practice, Deb knows first-hand that the most effective ingredient in a mindful classroom is a teacher who does their best to embody mindfulness. Deb and her collaborative team of educators, social workers, and mindfulness trained practitioners have incorporated current scientific research to develop these easy-to-follow activities for the busy teacher. Deb is an exciting presenter of the MYndful Movement Program to adults and children of all ages.


Deb Taylor
Jenna Lynn Brooks
Wendy Scavuzzo

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