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Strong women, Faith poetry, Love poetry, Daily life, University life, Work life, Breakup

Alpha Female Chronicles
A Poetry Collection by Linsay Philippe-Auguste

What woman hasn’t navigated the waters of self-discovery, while trying to manage her relationships, climb the corporate ladder, and maintain a spiritual practice? Written for strong women, by a strong woman, Alpha Female Chronicles is an extension of the Alpha Female Chronicles blog, established by Linsay Philippe-Auguste in 2007. A collection of poetry, this book explores the key themes in every young woman’s life: Grindin’, Love, Faith, and True Self.

Alpha Female Chronicles will inspire deeper reflection. It challenges readers to ask themselves what it takes to achieve personal and professional growth and teaches how to measure success. It encourages readers to look upon life’s trials, failures, and victories with an honest eye, directing their sight toward Christ, whose hand is in all things.

This book is for every woman.

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Debut author Linsay Philippe-Auguste is a digital content creator. In 2010, Linsay received a bachelor’s degree in English literature from Concordia University. She received a diploma in book and magazine publishing from Centennial College in 2011, a certification in digital content and community management from McGill University in 2017, and in 2007, she began writing her blog: Alpha Female Chronicles. Thirteen years later, Linsay published her first collection of poetry by the same name.

Inspired by her life’s experiences and her relationship with Christ, Linsay hopes her writing will bring others closer to God. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me,” Philippians 4:13 (NKJV).

It is through God’s grace that Linsay has achieved everything she has to this day, and His grace is how she continues to move forward. She hopes to share this message with all women, especially women in urban areas who strive to find a balance maintaining meaningful relationships and achieving professional goals amongst the joys and hardships of life.


Linsay Philippe-Auguste

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