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Horror, Horror fiction, Dark magic, Body-snatchers, Supernatural beasts, Possession, Halloween

Tales of Horror
by Margot Ling

Tales of Horror is self explanatory. Its not gut wrenching but it hopes to intrigue the reader into the curious philosophy of horror and suspense Each story builds on horror. Its purpose is to instill horror and suspense. It is about the abusive psychological terror each character confronts. Eventuallly they resolve their fears and become better people

I have read some of the greatest horror books from Stephen King Ann Rice Bram Stoker, etc. The genre of horror picques my curiosity I always like a good horror book that makes me hang over the edge of my chair. I hope you will enjoy Tales of Horror. I come from a background steeped in history. and psychology. I hope it comes across in Tales of Horror. I am an avid collector of books. I had a horrific accident to one of my eyes and as a result I cannot read as proefficiently as I would like.but I hope other people will be inspired to read my book


Margot Ling

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