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Target Audience:
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Ayana Goes To L’École
by Ainsley D. Miller

This book captures Ayana’s experiences from the time she wakes up, having breakfast with her dad in the morning and follows her to the end of her school day. She is a toddler who is discovering the French language with her English-speaking Dad. This book is a great educational resource to help parents who wants to introduce the French language to their mostly English-speaking child.

Ainsley D. Miller is a father, an entrepreneur and an athlete. He is a weekend warrior, competing in 5km, 10km and half marathon races. He also competes in the Canadian Masters category in 400m races.

With the birth of his daughter Ayana, he was inspired to capture her bilingual French & English journey. Canada being an officially bilingual French & English country, Ainsley hopes with the aide of this book, parents can introduce French as a second language to their mostly English-speaking child.


Ainsley D. Miller
JE Corbett

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