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  • Dragons Can't Spell


    Jimmy’s dreams were usually very silly. But on this night - the night before the spelling bee, Jimmy’s silly dreams never came... For free “Dragons Can’t Spell” lesson plans and other teacher resources go to

  • Hunter's Super Night


    Many of us struggle with anxieties. Tiny owls are no exception. Hunter and his friends each find the excitement of their first “night” at kindergarten overshadowed by fears of inadequacy. Through encouragement from their families, teacher and ...

  • Everyone Can Learn Math


    How do you approach a math problem that challenges you? Do you keep trying until you reach a solution? Or are you like Amy, who gets frustrated easily and gives up? Amy is usually a happy and enthusiastic student in grade five who loves to dance, ...

  • I Have Geckos on my Glasses

    A Child's Struggle with Honesty by

    I have a pair of sneaky geckos, who love to lounge across my glasses, Spreading their fingers around the lenses, spilling out like webbed molasses… The sticky feet of two geckos cover up the lenses of a young girl’s glasses. This makes it ...

  • One


    Azmia is a young girl living in a war-torn country. When terrorists close down her elementary school, she is devastated that she can no longer continue her education. Luckily, some unlikely heroes come up with a plan to save the day. One is a ...

  • Sophie's Magic Backpack


    Sophie loves her new backpack. She loves that it is covered with sparkly butterflies and that it is her favorite color, purple. When she discovers what happens to damaged items that she leaves in her backpack overnight, she realizes that her ...

  • The Girl Who Couldn't Read

    Until She Discovered Her Super Powers by

    Once there was a girl who couldn’t read...until she discovered her superpowers. Based on a true story, this book highlights the author’s struggle with learning how to read, write, and deal with the anxiety of having a learning disability. This book ...

  • Yellowbird


    During a very special summer, Michael learns that the cabin and the lake he has known and loved throughout his childhood is a special and mysterious place that belongs to many. As he sets out one morning to catch a fish, he meets Leland Yellowbird, ...

  • Wendy the Whitebark Pine


    The Legends Of The Forest book series is designed for educators, home schoolers and service clubs such as Scouts and Girl Guides. The Fun Facts and Tree Identification sections found in the back of the book compliment any educator’s library and fit ...

  • Ti Town Bears Day Care Adventures

    Teaching International Bears Adventures by

    The purpose of this book is to help parents prepare their children for daycare or when the day comes and the parents will need to leave their child with someone else. There will come a day when the child will need to go to school or daycare. Many ...