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Beyond Reality and Back Again
Lessons from a Lifetime
by Kathy Anderson

Beyond Reality and Back Again: Lessons from a Lifetime is Kathy Anderson’s follow-up to her harrowing autobiography, Lilies in the Field, which details her battle with schizoaffective disorder. Drawing from her many life experiences and covering topics from religion to work to therapy and the military, Anderson shares some of the many life lessons she learned throughout her career as an Air Force captain—all while engaged in a decades-long struggle with mental illness.

This book is the perfect companion to Anderson’s autobiography, providing new context and a fresh perspective from someone who has hit rock bottom and then clawed her way back up. Wonderfully hopeful and deeply encouraging, readers of any age or at any stage of life can relate to Anderson’s setbacks, questions, struggles, choices, and victories.

By examining one life in depth, this book helps readers see the silver lining in any situation. Anderson shows us how to identify the valuable lessons to be gained from any hardship and spurs us to never stop living and learning. She proves we can all reach the ultimate goal of a happy life.

Kathy Anderson is a retired Air Force captain who holds a PhD in computer science from the University of Notre Dame. Born in the Netherlands, Kathy lived near Air Force bases in the Netherlands and Germany until age eleven. Then she, along with her parents and two brothers, moved to Waldorf, Maryland. With her sights set on a military career, she earned a BA in math from Villanova University while enrolled in the ROTC. Her work in missile defense spanned several states and command positions before she earned her master’s in computer science from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, then went into the Civilian Institution Program to earn her doctorate.

Today she is retired and living in South Bend, Indiana, where she focuses on software engineering, community service, and building the world’s largest jigsaw puzzle.


Kathy Anderson

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