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mind body spirit, spirituality, inner peace, soul, self-help, personal beliefs, spiritual freedom

Navigating My Way to Spiritual Freedom
by Lynn Nola Stadnek

Navigating My Way to Spiritual Freedom is for people who feel restrained in life and are looking to find calm in a stormy world. There are many insights that Lynn shares within each of the 27 chapters as she reveals how she managed to reach spiritual freedom, but the three main questions that Lynn answered in her journey are:

1. What does it take to find spiritual freedom? It takes harmonizing mind, soul, and body with your spirit.

2. What does spiritual freedom give you? It gives you a new peaceful depth in life.

3. How does spiritual freedom affect sharing yourself with others? You become authentic.

Harmonized, peaceful, and authentic—who could ask for more! But there is more; by the end of Navigating My Way to Spiritual Freedom you will understand how Lynn achieved all these things, plus ultimately achieved spiritual freedom. You will feel untied and free to become who you are in spirit, which will bring you peace and calms the storm.

Lynn Nola Stadnek, author of Mastering the Battle of Belief, is naturally philosophical and spiritual. Lynn’s spirituality is self-taught and not based on any worldly following. Through tireless research and analysis of life and the Scriptures, she seeks to share her newfound philosophy with the world.

Lynn was born, raised, and currently resides in Saskatchewan, Canada. For most of her life she has been writing and working on her own spiritual philosophy with the desire to bring comfort and peace to all that seek to find it. She has examined philosophical and spiritual questions, and she has developed her own answers into a coherent whole that she shares in her writing.


Lynn Nola Stadnek

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