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Mixed-media poetry, Three-dimensional poetry, Poetry of love and relationships, Poetry of love and loss, Poetry of personal growth, Journaling poetry, Inspirational poetry

Living through loss and learning through love; poetry for the soul
by Ashley Marie Godinho

The Millennial generation is opening up. They’re talking and reading about their feelings, and books like Quartette make it clear: you’re not alone—your feelings are valid and important, and they are yours to experience. Whatever your faith, race, or sexual orientation, we all experience love, loss, heartache, passion, self-understanding, forgiveness. Expressing these feelings is no longer seen as a weakness—instead it’s a universal language that unites us.

What makes the poetry of Quartette so good, so engaging is its mixed-media format. Combining her poetry with real objects and real beings—placed right on the page, Ashley Godinho invites you into her world of poetry.

Structured in four clear and concise sections—Live, Loss, Learn, Love—this collection evokes a modern woman navigating universal emotions with complete candour and humour.

From a young age, writing has always been therapeutic for Ashley Godinho, providing her with not only an outlet for her feelings, thoughts, and anxieties—without judgement or shame—but also a record of her journey of healing and growth. In creating Quartette, she decided to share that journey with readers who may feel burdened by their own feelings, and she hopes it will help each of them in their journey toward healing.

Ashley is an avid reader, particularly of non-fiction, such as biographies and poetry. Her inspiration is Maya Angelou, whose words spoke to her, an effect that Ashley hopes her own words will produce in her readers.

Quartette is Ashley Godinho’s first published book, though she is hoping to write more. She lives in Ontario, with her boyfriend and muse.


Ashley Marie Godinho

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