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poetry, free verse, adventure, living with intent, self-help, personal growth, Maslow’s Hierarchy

Dear Adventurist
by Brandi Marie

In this collection of original poems, the dreams, desires, and experiences of a young traveller are explored through the lens of a young woman seeking to know herself, the world around her, and the people in it. Using a lyrical free-verse style, these “letters to travellers” acknowledge the fear and trepidation of setting out on your own to find adventure, meet up with kindred spirits, find love, be homesick, discover where home really is, and everything in between. Travellers and adventurists of all ages will discover something of themselves in these pages, including small reminders that they're accomplishing great things even when it doesn’t feel like it. They’ll also come to understand that as messy as life can be, there is still love and hope for the inhabitants of our little blue planet.

“I want to spark people’s curiosity, broaden their perspectives, open their minds, and open their eyes to this small world full of too many things for one lifetime.” —Brandi Marie

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Debut author Brandi Marie is a seasoned world traveller who has visited New Zealand, Australia, Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand, among others. While on her travels she wrote her poems and reread them to help her find the strength within herself and the bravery she needed to continue on. She also learned her limits and, when the time came, she knew she wanted to return home. She now lives with her parents and sister in Aldergrove, B.C. where they share two cats and a rescue pup from Taiwan named Zander.


Brandi Marie

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